All technology is human.


You may need some technological humans to guide the way.

That's where CADDesigns comes in.

We're not architects. We're not designers.

We are technologists.

We're here so that you can design without technology getting in your way. We will help you realize your designs from fruition thru design development into the construction documentation/BIM phase.


50 years combined experience.


We live and breathe this stuff. ArchiCAD 3.1? Ran it.

Used every version since 1988? Yup.

We utilize ARCHICAD all day, every day.

*Disclaimer: Except for nights, most weekends, lunch breaks, walk breaks, beer breaks, coffee breaks... Are we not human?

Our experience is our number one asset. You can have that asset available to you with one phone call or email.



Point of contact product support

CADDesigns has an established relationship with Graphisoft Reseller, BIM6x to support their client base. As a former reseller ourselves, we value our long-standing relationships with ARCHICAD users, and welcome new friends.


personalized education

We can provide fully customized training to ensure that you and your firm are taking advantage of the technologies available in ARCHICAD.


BIM Servers

teamwork setup & utilization

At CADDesigns, we run all of our projects on Graphisoft BIM Servers. We have in-house as well as remote servers, and can assist you in getting your own BIM Server up and running. We fully believe the BIM Server is the best way to collaborate in a firm.



Sometimes you just need a helping hand or an extra brain for that next big ARCHICAD idea. We're happy to help you in figuring out the best workflows and methods for you and your firm. From templates to BIM utilization, we can help.

At the base of the mountains.


CADDesigns is an established small company based in Golden, Colorado. We are proud to have called Colorado our base of operations for the last 25 years, and look forward to many more.